The Beginning Pt. 3

A little dab here. A tidbit there.

Our time. Sprinkled about the floor like legos after a session with my young nephews. Complete disarray.

We got swept up into a false narrative. Spread so thin that our lives were not our own. It was sneaky. One bite at a time, eating away at our vision. Keeping us stalled with fear and exhaustion. Eventually, every goal and principle out of sight and out of reach.

On special occasions, we would revisit our vision. Father’s Day. Anniversary. Christmas. Wishing, praying for a “break,” something that will free us from our stalled-out lives. But it never came, and each holiday took us further from our convictions.

Time passes. A 30-year mortgage. A 3-year car note. All the trimmings of the idyllic culturally adept family. Everything to boost our family image and keep onlookers at bay. No one prying into our lives. No one wise to our spiritual emptiness. An even keel.

Although we felt the emptiness, we remained complacent. It’s easier to continue this way of life, grinding away at interest-laden lives. Victims of the American Dream.

Wait. Victims? More like compatriots.

We made these decisions. No one forced this life on us. We chose to follow along, to turn away from our principles. We wanted the predictable life. Controllable. Smooth. No issues. Kids set for college. Straight to retirement and then we’ll take the time to go back to our vision.

But is that time guaranteed?

Simply put, No.

A sermon here. A podcast there. The random encounter with someone that has taken the leap. Each interaction, convicting us; calling us back to God.

Now. Not 30-years down the road.

For the past two years, we dabbled in “minimalism.” Watched the documentaries like any good quasi-millennial (I still don’t know how to use Snapchat). Tiny houses? Heck yeah! Less is more. Simple. Less stuff equals more time for things that matter.

But how do we get from point A to point B?

We’ve learned that there is no straight path. When the bug first hit us, we purged. Started small. A jacket. Some old jeans. Stuff. Nice, easy little steps. Then life happened, and before we knew it, we hoarded goods back into our closets.

We were back to square one. Down, but not defeated.

This time we are going all in. We have come to realize the “stuff in the closets” is a symptom. One that ends up becoming the focus when trying to diagnose the actual disease.

What if we get rid of the closets all together?

This is Revival. A detailed adventure of practical simplification. We want to free ourselves from the bondage of debt and leveraged time. All, in an effort, to open our lives up for His purposes.

We want you to learn from our experiences. Watch. Interact. Interject. All are welcome, and we hope this journey can provide a launchpad for your own revival.

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