The Beginning Pt. 2

Chris here:
I like to fix things. I’m a guy. It’s what I do. When my wife is upset, when my kiddos cry, when something isn’t quite right; I instinctively look for solutions. Many times before my emotions kick in.
Sorry Love 🙂

So how do I guide my family through this time in our lives? We have to solve a problem with so many variables, and those factors are constantly changing. Everything is intertwined. Relationships, finances, community, the roof over our heads. 

Do we even know what the true-underlying problem is?

I spent many years in austere locations solving complex problems. Big problems, with dire consequences. Mitigating risks to a tolerable level and then taking action with the full understanding that you can never reduce risk to “Zero.” It is ALWAYS there. 

Looking back, I miss that feeling. The focus. It promoted a lot of “outside-the-box” thinking and helped us overcome insurmountable circumstances. 

Where did that go? Nowadays, my focus is devoted to the inconsequential. It distracts my waking moments. Pulls my attention from what is truly important. Depriving my family, leaving me empty, and guiding me further from the path He started me on.

I have found myself in “self-examination” recently. My thoughts, words, actions. What are the trends? What’re the consistent themes? And in this process of assessment, I have learned that TIME is ever-present.

“I don’t have the time to do…(insert any topic)” 

Time is immaterial. Intangible. Always growing shorter and shorter as we make another trip around the sun. It isn’t guaranteed. Our time here is temporary, and we have to make the most of it. 

There it is — The root-cause. 

I have forfeited our time.

We have to reclaim our time from the things that are robbing us. The things that don’t have value. That don’t promote our principles. 

When I met my wife, and we shared our passions and goals, we never said
“I want a mortgaged 3,000 square foot home, a loan on an SUV that makes us look like the “outdoorsy” family,  and a fat retirement account. I want to live my life at arm’s length.  Disengaged from my family, friends, and community.”

No. We shared a vision of being “in-the-moment.” Free from distraction. Ready to answer whenever He calls us. Nimble. Resilient. Engaged. 

To me, Revival is the chronicling of this journey. 

The mission: Reclaiming our time and capturing our lives. Intentional. Simple. Focused.


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