The Beginning Pt. 1

Complacent. Stagnant. Sedentary.

Mentally. Physically. Spiritually.

Something has to change, but change is scary. We can’t begin to count the ways we’ve been convicted in the past few months. Maybe even years. Whether it’s reading a book, listening to a podcast, watching the latest trendy “tiny” docu-series, or watching this week’s sermon, we are tired of being paralyzed by fear, entrapped by four walls of “what if’s,” and exhausted from false, empty pursuits.

Every story has to start at the beginning so let us take you back to July 8, 2012.

With the approval of a mutual friend, Kylie “Facebook-stalked” Chris (thank you social media) for a few days before requesting to be his “friend.”

WAY WAY out of my (KJ) comfort zone but, “What the heck? What’s there to lose? He’s halfway across the world so if it doesn’t work out; I’ll never see him.” Then…

He accepted.

Chris was in Germany for an Air Force leadership course. Kylie in Indiana; a special education teacher on summer’s break.

We typed feverishly for the next 4 HOURS. We couldn’t get enough. Sparks! A connection that couldn’t be denied. We shared a vision and passion for adventure and using those experiences to lead and teach others. That’s when we knew.

•September 2012: Chris moves from Turkey to the States. Stops in Indiana for a month-long visit with family, and to put eyes on the woman he had been “virtually dating” for 8-weeks.

•October 2012-December 2013: Chris lives in Utah. We date long distance until an engagement on New Year’s Eve at Sundance Resort.

•April 2014: After a 12-year career in the Air Force, Chris is honorably retired.

•July 2014: Married!!!

•September 2016: We welcome our daughter!

•June 2018: We welcome our son!

So here we are. Today. We love our little family but are feeling a void. We are tired. Tired of chasing the apparition of an “American Dream.” For what? Security? Wealth? Approval? A never-ending race toward emptiness.

This isn’t the life we set out to live. These aren’t the goals we set out to pursue. Far from the path that God set us on. We have strayed.

But we can go back. Back to that spark. Our shared vision.

We don’t know all the details. We don’t know the timeline, but we only get one life to live.

So we are choosing to step out in faith.

There will be fears and doubts. There will be mistakes. Trials. Even Failure, but God is bigger, and we choose to trust.

Follow along with us on our journey as we unfold Revival Recreation.


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