Woah. That was close. Tempted by our familiar devils.

Many have asked, “So you’re selling your house. Now what?”

We’ve been off the grid for over a week. Digging deep. Our house nearly in escrow. Appraisal, good to go. Inspection completed. But we left you in suspense. Waiting for a big reveal…

Yet we were the ones that ended up surprised.

We had a plan. Appealing. Marketable. One that would boost our social image. Increase our followers. A proven method to gain our reader’s interest.

“We are gonna live in an Airstream!”

A life on the road. No rules. No strings. Just our 30 feet of freedom and the great outdoors. For those that don’t know, it’s all the rage. Sell your stuff and hit the road in an aluminum “throw-back” camper. Right in line with the tiny house movement.

We did our research. Found the ideal set up. Went to the dealers. Scoured the classifieds. Became members of the forums. Devoted ourselves to reading and learning everything Airstream.

Spent countless hours researching tow vehicles. Diesel versus Gas. Half-ton versus three-quarter ton. Crew versus double cab. “We can’t buy a (insert any big three motor company). We are (insert their evil competitor’s) family. Let’s go test drive one.” Brought it home. Deal negotiated. Just needed to sign the contract.

Countless. Hours.

We even rented an Airstream for 3 days on Airbnb. Stayed with a great family that has lived the dream. They did 6-months on the road. Digital nomads.

But after it was all said and done, we found ourselves back where we started.

Exhausted. Stressed. Uninspired.

We had the right floor plan selected. We verified the tow vehicle’s capacity. Bounced it off our budget. Still liquid with room to spare. No debt. Nothing owning our time.

Why did we feel this way?

We sat in the “Silver Burrito” on our last night. Beautiful truck in the parking lot. The “dream” at our fingertips. Kylie exhausted. Chris confused. The question hanging in silence between us.

“Do we really need this to reach our goals?”

Simply put: No.

How the heck did we end up back here?!

We had to retreat. Take a step back and evaluate our principles and the decision ahead of us.

We are about to be liquid. We will have a roof over our heads for the next 6-months. Do we need to eat into our nest egg? The financial foundation for our goal. The start of Revival.

“If we buy this “thing,” right now, it will solve all of our obstacles.” We actually thought we NEEDED this to build out our vision. When in actuality it would have delayed the process. Placed a blockade in our path. Nowhere closer to our dreams.

But fear and vanity crept in and almost stole our vision, distracting us from God’s work in our life. Almost back to square one.

After some faithful discernment, we fled like crazy.

Truck back to the dealer. No signature. Airstream dreams on hold for now. Lesson learned.

Immediately, we were refreshed. Rejuvenated back to our purposeful vigor. Revival in our sights. No distractions. Our devils behind us. For now.

We know distractions and entrapments are everywhere. We are learning to identify them. Getting accustomed to keeping our principles and goals in the foreground of all of our decisions. Always on the watch for a snare.

We will trip. Stumble. Fall. Lose sight of what’s most important. But that’s okay. It’s learning. Character building. These moments are necessary. Tools God uses to teach us and hone us into vessels for His purpose.

His grace brings us back and points us in the right direction. Thank You!

We stumbled. Caught ourselves. Righted our path and are ready for the next step.




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