“Is Everything Okay?”

“Is everything okay?”

We love this question.

Since introducing our starting point, several friends have inquired about our well-being. To ease the tension:

Nothing is wrong. We are great. Excited. Happy little family. Ready to grow into our potential.

Going back to our previous posts, think of them as the first “O” in the OODA Loop. Now you say, “What the heck is the OODA Loop?” Well kids; let’s put on our learning hats and get ready for a knowledge bomb.

The OODA Loop is a simple form of problem-solving developed by military strategists. It stands for: Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act. Then, the Loop. Start all over. Okay, enough professional military education for today.

We have given you our observation. What we believe to be the systemic problem keeping us from our family vision. Simply. We want our time back from the things that have consumed us, and we want to make sure we are intentional; acting on our principles.

As we’ve grown into near-middle age, we have realized the importance of time. There is nothing like having a 2-year-old and an infant remind us that it passes so fast and there is never enough.

And just like the 2-year-old, we inquisitively ask, “Why?”

Back to the OODA Loop. We OBSERVED where our time was going and realized we spent it on things that weren’t in line with our principles and vision.

“But what’s your vision?”

Revival Recreation. Revival; an improvement in the condition or strength of something. Recreation; a refreshment of strength and spirits after work.

We believe Revival Recreation is more about RE-creation. The renewal or redefinition of a person’s spirit through activity.

We want to change the way people think about recreation.

We want families and communities to prioritize recreation. We want them to have readily available outlets, resources, and knowledge. We want those in need of rejuvenation or healing to experience it through some activity.

We don’t fully understand what this physically looks like. Is it a community-based center for outdoor recreation? Is it a private business that trains, educates, outfits, and plans activity for families? Or is it clinical, therapeutic recreation for those in need? We don’t quite know the details, but we know this is our mission.

Now to ORIENT ourselves. The above mission statement is nothing short of a lofty goal. We are talking about moving people and influencing communities. I’m going to make a positive comment and say that doing so cannot be done in the wee-morning before the rooster crows or late-night when Jimmy rules the midnight airwaves. Besides, we like our sleep.

We must make the time. Be efficient. Eliminate the things that do not bring us closer to our goals. This means all the “stuff.”

For example. Our house. We love it, but we aren’t in love with it. Meaning, I love that it provides us with security and safety. But is this a reflection of our core values? Is it intentional?

The loans. The debt. All of it eats away at our time; the time we could be using to reach our goals. They are not the reflection of our purpose-driven family.

We thought through many creative ways to leverage more time while keeping our mortgage. Renting. Property Management. Airbnb. All of which require time; maybe more, maybe less. We carefully crunched the numbers and researched our options. In the end, we concluded, the house has to go if we want to live out our principles.

Time to DECIDE. It’s simple. “Do” or “Don’t Do.”

We could easily stay idle and ride out this life to retirement. Keep the house. The car. The stuff. Comfortable. Secure. No one is forcing this decision upon us. But remaining idle has its price, and we believe the costs are dire.

To “Do” means taking on risks. Risks that are counterculture. Risks that make people uncomfortable. Doing makes people ask, “Is everything okay?”

To that, we say “Yes!”

Everything is okay. We are selling our house. We are liquidating most of our belongings. We have never felt more alive in our marriage. Our little family is going after our dreams. We are walking in faith. And we are along for the ride.

We have decided “Do,” and we are in the midst of that ACT. Now it’s time to go back to the LOOP and observe what happens.



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